What Sets Us Apart

Personalized and Comfortable Dental Care for Your Family’s Smiles!

Drs. Brian Putman, Jenna Putman, and Dale Nester, along with our team, are experienced and skilled professionals. We are also non-judgmental, approachable, and friendly. We thrive on the connections developed with each person in our practice, and will always care for you as family!

Our Philosophy

The doctors and staff at Pine River Dental Care believe the best dentistry goes beyond drilling and filling teeth. We empower our patients to take control of their oral health through education. With the understanding of how homecare, diet, and other habits affect oral health, our patients gain the knowledge to make the best dental decisions for their unique situation.

A Different Approach to Dentistry

Our practice is equipped with proven, modern dental technology, and we use only the most effective treatment processes to keep your smile healthy. Foremost, though, we believe in providing gentle and compassionate dental care with a human touch.

  • Generations of Smiles: As a family-friendly practice, we see everyone, from infants through older siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Each person is treated respectfully, as we work to provide them with care that delivers optimal oral health, a functional bite, and a smile that ensures their personality shines!
  • Comfortable, Painless, and Anxiety-free Visits: Dental visits, whether a checkup and cleaning or a more in-depth procedure, should be free of pain and worry. Our doctors and clinical staff are known for their gentle touch, and they are always attentive to your comfort. If you are nervous about a procedure, please tell us about your concerns. We want to know what you need and will work with you to make the experience one that has you smiling when we’re done!
  • Practical, Helpful Guidance: Although we provide leading-edge dentistry, you are the person best situated to keep your smile healthy and bright. Our doctors and team offer patient education, tailored to your situation. Using intraoral photos and other diagnostic images, we will show you what is happening in your mouth and explain areas of concern. We will talk about changes you can make in your home oral hygiene practices, as well as nutritional and other behavioral changes. We know an informed, motivated patient is able to make knowledgeable decisions about dental and overall health: this is your smile and we empower you to keep it strong and beautiful!


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